Welcome to the Dueling Nexus Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database, the fastest and easiest to use card finding tool. With over 12000 card entries, the DNX Card Database allows users to quickly find the latest TCG, OCG, Rush, and even pre-release card information; this includes their status, release dates, the packs they're featured in, and more. Users can even find Decks that are using these cards! So what are you waiting for? Find Yugioh Cards today with Dueling Nexus!

For those who don't know, Dueling Nexus is a free-to-play Yu-Gi-Oh! online game with all the cards unlocked, including rush cards and pre-release cards. New cards are added regularly, which give players the opportunity to add any cards they want to their yugioh deck. You can duel against casual and hardcore players in both Ranked and Unranked modes, as well as by yourself against our AI, Nyx.

You can find the latest tournament decks, as well as the list of the top 10 decks for the current format, which is curated by our team of experts. In addition to this, our advanced algorithm will help you sort through thousands of users uploaded decks. To learn more about how the yugioh deck website works, please click here.