Vaylantz Buster Baron

Card Type:Monster
Pendulum Scales:1/1
TCG Release:Aug 25, 2022
OCG Release:Mar 19, 2022


?1 ?Pendulum Effect? 1? During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon this card to your Main Monster Zone in its same column, also you cannot Special Summon non-"Vaylantz" monsters for the rest of this turn, except from the Extra Deck. You can only use this effect of "Vaylantz Buster Baron" once per turn. ?Monster Effect? If you control this Special Summoned card: You can target 1 other "Vaylantz" monster in your Main Monster Zone; move that monster you control to an adjacent (horizontal) Monster Zone. If this card in the Monster Zone moves to another Monster Zone: You can target 1 card in either player's Pendulum Zone; place it face-up in its adjacent Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell. You can only use each effect of "Vaylantz Buster Baron" once per turn.